Welcome to My Blog!!!!


Hello, everyone! My name is Calle and welcome to my bookish corner of the universe. Just so you know, I am an unrepentant fangirl. Completely. Totally. Without shame.

I mean…it’s in the title of the blog…

First things first, as anyone with an ounce of internet sense can figure out, this blog has existed for a little over a year, with absolutely nothing on it. See, last April, I started this blog with all the intentions of starting to blog. The perfect storm of personal crises, a severe free time cut and the ever popular MOVING ruined that plan and nothing ever happened.  I spent a lot of time over the last year trying to decide how to best put my books feels into use (other than, you know, making me act like a fool who cares WAYYYYYYY too much about the lives of fictional characters, but such is life). Not matter what I came up with, I kept coming back to that blog that I never did anything with.

So, I’m giving this another shot and I’m SOOOOO ready to go.

I’ll start posting regularly within the next week or so, try to see what schedule works best. Expect changes in the meantime, I’m still tweaking things here and there.

I am so excited and I really hope you guys are too!

Also, I love the word excited. It’s a problem.






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