Get To Know Your Blogger: 10 Bookish Facts About Yours Truly

There was meme/tag/thing going around the Booktube earlier this year called 25 Bookish Facts About Me, in which bloggers were challenged to come up with book related facts about myself, and I had been thinking as I was watching them about what some bookish things about myself. I couldn’t come up with 25, but I was able to come up some.

Here are those ten bookish facts about me:

  1. I didn’t really read fiction until I was 10 years old, unless my school made me. Nonfiction all the way, especially if it was about natural disasters – I saw Twister and Titanic at an impressionable age and it made an impact.
  2. While reading, I say lines out loud. Sometimes I repeat the lines until I get the emotion right.
  3. I almost stopped reading for fun altogether after I graduated from college. Reading and analyzing 30 plus books in a single semester will burn you out veeeeeeeerrrrrrrrry quickly.
  4. I credit my mother and James Patterson’s Woman’s Murder Club series with teaching me how to enjoy reading again.
  5. I go big with my reactions to the books that I read. I laugh loudly, I ugly cry, I scream, I yell at characters when they do dumb things. I have one sided conversations with the book. I’m kinda crazy?
  6. I’ve also been told that my facial expressions can be very…..well….expressive.
  7. I listen to audiobooks while at work because some days what I’m doing is primarily data entry so I can listen to a story and type away. I also occasionally listen to them while working out.
  8. Like the saying lines aloud thing, I tend to make facial expressions of the characters in the audiobook I’m currently. Sometimes I’ll turn my head when a character turns their head. Like I said, I’m crazy.
  9.  I have never read Allegiant by Veronica Roth, even though I LOVED LOVED LOVED Divergent and Insurgent. Basically, spoilers suck. Especially when you haven’t even started the book yet.
  10. I read Harry Potter only because a friend told me a major character reminded her of me. That character was Hermione. How’s that for a role model?

I hope I didn’t scare any of you off. Share some of your own facts down in the comments!

See you next time!



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