What I’m Watching: Fave Current TV Shows

Fall always makes my reading life miserable because the NUMBER ONE distraction of my life returns in full force: Television.

I love TV. I love the serial format. I love having cliffhangers that make me freak out in the last ten minutes and having to wait a week or a month or six for your show to come off of hiatus *cough*Outlander*cough*.

Well, maybe not the hiatus.

And if I’m not reading as much as I should (or I think I should), I figured I should give you an idea of what I’m doing in my not reading time.

Let’s break it down:


Monday is my boring TV-less-ish day. I only have one show that I’m currently watching and that is Timeless (NBC, 10pm). It’s about time travel and history and I was hooked after the first episode.Its more than a little cheesy but my history major self is nerding every week –  I was losing it over the episode about the Lincoln Assassination.  I’m currently kind of behind because my work schedule makes me tired and 10pm isn’t always feasible. It was just picked up for a full season, which gives me more than enough time to catch up.


THIS IS US (NBC, 9pm) is probably the best new show this year and I think I’m not alone in saying this. Its funny and heartfelt and makes me feel all the emotions. I’m not surprised because its written by Dan Fogelman who wrote two of my all time favorite movies, Crazy Stupid Love and Tangled. If you haven’t watched it yet, you don’t know what you’re missing  – other than the best twist ever put into a pilot that I’ve ever seen.

I’m also eagerly awaiting the return of The Curse of Oak Island (History Channel 9pm). It’s a reality show about two middle-aged brothers with more money than sense who are searching for *something* that’s supposedly hidden on a small island off the Canadian coast. I’m always down for a good treasure hunt, and even if it’s not really “reality”, I’m convinced there’s something on that island. I also have a minor crush on the son of one of the brothers.


Blindspot (NBC, 8pm) was one of my favorite new shows from last year and I AM SO HAPPY that I like the second season as much as the first (I’m always scared, you know?). It’s the one about the woman with the mysterious tattoos helping the FBI solve mysteries. I’m so invested in the lives of the team by this point that I can’t stand to see any of them in trouble or upset. That’s always a good sign, right?

Speaking of becoming invested in the lives of a team, Law and Order: SVU (NBC 9pm) the show that wants you to become involved in the personal life of the SVU Squad. It’s another one that makes me cry on a weekly basis, but there’s also an added bonus of getting to see Olivia Benson kick ass every week.

And then we have another new favorite of mine Designated Survivor (ABC 10pm). The one with President Keifer Sutherland. Holy hell, this is a good show. It’s another one that I’m behind on because 10pm doesn’t always agree with me. But I’ve got more than enough time to catch up.


Break out the wine, it’s time for Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 8pm) which is another one that makes me cry on a weekly basis and has me overly invested in the love lives of fictional characters. My emotions are not handling some of the plotlines this season (aka I’m having weekly crying jags that are Alex Karev’s fault) but I love this show. My mom, one of our friends and I have a weekly watching party, in which we watch and drink and cry. Well, the last one is mostly me.


And we have the crown jewel of my TV watching crown: Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8pm). It is my baby. The characters are my babies. I have been watching this show since the beginning and I don’t know what I would do without it. The show, the cast and the fandom (when they’re not at each other’s throats) got me through some of the worst times of my life, and while I’m not as active in the Tumblr fandom as I used to be  – though I still film myself watching it and edit the video and post it on Tumblr and YouTube I swear I’m not crazy please don’t make fun of me – this show means so much to me. Also, if you want to talk about being overly invested in the lives and loves of fictional characters, LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THIS SHOW. A little gem of a couple nicknamed Captain Swan ruined my life in the best way possible, as did Outlaw Queen (which I am aggressively NOT TALKING ABOUT because *sobs*). Mostly, I just want people to be happy – Mainly Emma, our leading lady who can’t catch a freaking break, but all of the main cast, really. Except Gold. He deserves whatever the hell happens to him.

Netflix/Amazon Prime

I don’t watch a whole lot of TV online – which makes me a bad millennial or something. I have a problem when you give me too many options; I can’t make up my mind about what to watch so I don’t watch anything.  My family has started both Broadchurch (Netflix) and The Crown (Netflix) and we have a hard time deciding which one to watch. I’m also watching The Office (Netflix), The Amazing Race (Amazon Prime) for the 90th time and I’m thinking of starting Charmed (Netflix) because I’m in the mood for something witchy.

So that’s my TV watching week in a nutshell. What have you been watching lately?

See you next time!




One thought on “What I’m Watching: Fave Current TV Shows

  1. Jamie @ Book Pandamonium says:

    AAAHH I love This Is Us!! I’m currently watching that and Eyewitness (about two boys (who are kind of dating?? it’s complicated) who accidentally see a murder) and im rewatching Gilmore Girls on Netflix bc there’s a new season soon!!


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