December Releases That I’m Preordering

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate). It’s that time of the month where finalize all the books that are coming out in the next month that I want so badly, I’m buying them before they come out. And I’m telling you all about them on a day dedicated to, well, buying everything.

There’s actually not that many books coming out in December that I need to have the day they hit the shelves. But the few that piqued my interest are discussed here.

Let’s break it down:

island-of-glass-coverIsland of Glass – Nora Roberts. This is the third book in a trilogy that I’m really enjoying. Of the three couples being highlighted in this series, Riley and Doyle are the two that I’ve been looking forward to the most – they have that Unresolved Sexual Tension that I can’t ignore (also the 3rd couples in NR trilogies tend to be my favorite *cough* Cian and Moira*cough*). This trilogy has also been really fun as a whole – goddesses and treasure hunts and mermaids and werewolves and a gazillion pop culture references. Basically, I low-key love this trilogy and I can’t wait to see how it all wraps up. Release Date: December 6th



The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book. Okay, okay, not actually a book book, but it’s related to the Lunar Chronicles and I need it. I will not state how much of this involves me finally seeing a semi-official image of Captain Thorne and seeing how a far off the version of him in my head actually is. And, you know, swooning.#ShamelessFangirl. Release Date: December 6th



seventh-plagueThe Seventh Plague – James Rollins. I’m desperately trying to catch up with the Sigma Force series. I was kind of meh about the later books in the series – but the one I’m reading right now (The 6th Extinction) is reminding me of the earlier books in the series that I marathoned a couple of years ago (it wasn’t an on purpose marathon – The End of The Judas Strain killed my feels and I had to keep going). So I still have a book and a half to finish before this one comes out, but I am hopeful. Release Date: December 13th.




Ever the Hunted – Erin Summerville. This comes off as a standard issue YA Fantasy, but for some reason, it’s had my interest for weeks. It’s a got a female bounty hunter main character and it sounds interesting and, you know what, I just got a raise, so I’m going to indulge. Release Date: December 26th.


take-the-key-and-lock-her-upTake the Key and Lock Her Up – Ally Carter. Ally Carter writes a particular brand of YA – Teens in her book have the skills and wherewithal of adults but emotional state of 14 year olds – that I, again, low-key love. Its one of my guilty pleasures, mainly because I’m WAYYYYYY outside the target audience for these books. But the first two have been solid, quick reads that I really enjoyed, and the second one took some surprising turns, and I am eagerly awaiting the third. Release Date: December 26th.



That’s it for me this month. What books are you looking forward to in December?



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