January Books Making Me Go *Grabby Hands*

It’s that time of year again. I have a bunch of shiny Amazon gift cards from Christmas and I’m ready to go.

As far as YA goes, the first couple months of 2017 looks STACKED – like “How am I ever going to read all of these books, they all sound so good,” STACKED. But that’s never stopped me before.

So these are the books that I cannot wait for that are coming out in January

Let’s break it down:

20983366Wayfarer – Alexandra Bracken. I read the first book in this time-travel duology last January and really enjoyed it – especially the romance. I’m really looking forward to this one, not only because the first one ended on an INSANE cliffhanger (no seriously), but because I’m hoping it will give us a better idea of how the time travel in this series works, which I don’t feel we got in the first book. Release Date: January 3rd.




Windwitch – Susan Dennard. GIVE IT TO ME NOW. Another book that was released last January, this one I absolutely LOVED and I felt it went a little under the radar. It’s a high fantasy story. The main relationship is the friendship between the two best friends at the center – though there is a romantic relationship that made me FLAIL. Its funny and action-packed and generally fun as hell. Also left off on a cliffhanger. Basically, GIVE ME THE THING. Release Date: January 10th


27827203Frostblood – Elly Blake. I don’t really know all the much about this one – it’s a fantasy and there’s two kinds of magic users and that’s all I’ve got –  but the cover sold me. I’m a sucker for pretty covers. Sue me. Release Date: January 17th.






City of Saints and Thieves – Natalie C. Anderson. This is being described as a Gone Girl-esque revenge thriller set in Kenya about a girl searching for her mother’s killer. Honestly, this sounds fantastic. I want the thing. Give me the thing. Release Date: January 24th.




27883214Caraval – Stephanie Garber. I’ve had this on my Goodreads to read shelf for close to two years and ITS COMING. I am so freaking excited for this and it sounds amazing. It’s about a girl looking for her sister, who was kidnapped/taken by a yearly event called Caraval. I literally can’t wait until I have this in my hand. Release Date: January 31st.





Silver Stars – Michael Grant. I read the first book in the series, Front Lines, this year and really enjoyed it and, naturally, I’m looking forward to continuing the series. It’s a extremely interesting alternate history – what if women were allowed to fight or be drafted in World War II? – and it has three very interesting young women as the leads. I’m really looking forward to this one. Release Date: January 31st



30201161The Careful Undressing of Love – Corey Ann Haydu. I’m not sure what this is about –  it sounds like its set in an alternate NYC where either 9/11 didn’t happen or happened differently, which immediately got me intrigued. Add in a side of magic and doomed love and now I need to know. I’m not going to lie, it sounds like a darker, Brooklyn-set version of Practical Magic, which just sounds fantastic. Sign me up. Release Date: January 31st.




 Wait For Me – Caroline Leech. 30037877Historical fiction set in Scotland? Autobuy. It actually sounds a lot like an older book called The Summer of My German Soldier. I read that in like 6th grade and it made me cry like a baby. Release Date: January 31st.







29772863Wires and Nerve – Marissa Meyer and Douglas Holgate.  MY LUNAR BABIES ARE BACKKKKKK. I’m so excited to get back into this world and, being that this is a graphic novel, to actually get to see the characters and settings and to see how off my mental picture actually is. And it’s all about Iko, so this is going to be fantastic – and probably hilarious. Basically: GIMME. Release Date: January 31st.




A major release that I haven’t mentioned yet is Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth.There’s been a great deal of controversy about the book, something I don’t plan on speaking about until after I have read the book. While I don’t doubt that those who were upset or offended by the content in CtM have reason to be upset or offended, I haven’t read it and I don’t like forming an opinion over something I haven’t read. So, yes,  I do plan on reading Carve the Mark but I have not preordered it, and I’m not making it a priority, and, when I do read it, I will definitely go in with a bias.  I have extremely mixed feelings about it – because I was really looking forward to it – and I really want to see what’s going on and how all of the reviewers who wrote glowing reviews of the book missed what was going on.

That’s it for me! What books are you looking forward to next month?


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