Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite Covers of 2017 (at the beginning of the year)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish.

Holy Image Heavy Post, Batman

I’m going to be going a little off the rails this week. The suggested topics included favorite graphic novels or comics or picture books, and that’s a little hard for me. You see, I have never read a graphic novel – as of today, I own two – I don’t really have an interest in comics, and I don’t think I remember the last time I read a picture book.  I thought about books and visuals and immediately stopped on covers.

Covers are a big deal to me. I have purchased books based on nothing but the cover. I will avoid buying books because of the covers. Basically, covers are a big deal for me and will affect the books I buy and read.

So, these are covers of books that either have been or will be released in 2017 that I am already in love with, and, because I’m a complete and total rebel this week, I have FIFTEEN books on my list. Because #YOLO This is obviously an incomplete list and I’m really looking forward to doing another version of this list at the end of the year.

Let’s break it down:

29960804A Good Idea – Cristina Moracho. Hands down, one of the creepiest covers ever. I’m dead serious this is terrifying. That bathtub *shudders*





A Poison Dark and Drowning – Jessica Cluess. Dark and beautiful. I want to read the first book in this series just so I have an excuse to own this book because it’s so gorgeous.



Bad Blood – Demetria Luntetta. Those colors though! That’s all I can honestly think of is the colors are so atmospheric and pretty. I really can’t wait for this book and the cover only helps.






Caraval – Stephanie Garber. Oh my god I love the cover of this and the typography of the title is ever so slightly gorgeous. It gives me handwriting envy and it’s not even handwritten. It comes out today and I need it in my hands ASAP (aka when I get home from work).





Crossing Ebenezer Creek – Tonya Bolden. It looks like a watercolor (I’m no artist or art aficionado, but I’m pretty sure it is) and I absolutely love it.






Frostblood – Elly Blake. What you can’t tell from this picture is that the cover is a.) More grey than white and b.) SHIMMERY AS HELL. Like I am dead serious, it has subtle hints of shimmery hints that literally made me get completely distracted by the shiny in the middle of a conversation with my mom. The cover is as pretty as the writing that’s inside it.


Given to the Sea – Mindy McGinnis.I will admit to knowing next to nothing about this book but the cover is absolutely gorgeous. Between the wave and the typography this is stunning.




Grit – Gillian French. I couldn’t tell from far off if this cover was of trees or water or both. Upon closer examination, it’s definitely water, but it’s still really, really pretty. I love the title that being placed vertically. I really want to get my hands on this book.




Liberty: The Spy Who (Kind of) Like Me – Andrea Portes. The only word I can come up with for this cover is QUIRKTASTIC. The nesting dolls kill me. Maybe I just have a weird sense of humor but this seems like my kind of book. Color me intrigued.





The Library of Fates – Aditi Khornana. I love the way the image is not the focus of the cover but the title and the colors are. I LOVE the colors by the way. LOVE LOVE LOVE.





The Names They Gave Us – Emery Lord. Again with the colors that are stunningly gorgeous. This has all of my favorite colors on one cover and some great typography – I ❤ the hell out of that font  – and I love that tree. This another book by an author that I have never read before that I’m interested in because of the cover.




Shimmer and Burn – Mary Taranta. This is another book where I get distracted by the shiny and I am going to be severely disappointed if this isn’t as shiny as it looks.







Song of the Current – Sarah Tolcser.This is another book that I don’t know that much about, but LOOK AT THAT COVER. Oooh it’s so pretty. Those swirly pieces – like a current maybe? – I like them. I really like this whole thing. I want the book because of the cover.



Toward a Secret Sky – Heather Maclean.I’m a little biased be cause this is one of my most anticipated books of the first half of this year but I really like the cover to this book. The Scottish countryside and THAT SKY. I really like the flower. I like the backwards letters. I like the flower. I sound like that little girl in front of the mirror who likes her house. But I really like this cover.


The White Road of the Moon – Rachel Neumeier. The photograph on the cover of this book is SO COOL and more than a little haunting. Another book that I don’t know much about but want to find out more about because the cover looks so interesting.



That’s it for me this time. What upcoming covers are your favorite of this year?


February New Releases I Need, Like, Yesterday

Ladies and Gents, I’m back with my annual list of the books I’m looking forward to in February. Considering the bane of my reading life, mandatory overtime is ENDING THE NEXT WEEK – I literally just got the email and I almost jumped for joy – my reading time is back under my control. That means I’m not as upset about going a little overboard with my book buying this month. Oh well.

28763240At the Edge of the Universe – Shaun David Hutchinson. An interesting sci-fi premise – the universe is shrinking? Excuse me, what does that mean exactly??? – and an LBGT lead character trying to save his missing boyfriend ? Sign me up. Release Date: February 7th






Daughter of the Pirate King – Tricia Levenseller. Oh my god this sounds like my kind of book. Kickass heroine, pirates, treasure hunts and a side of romance? Its giving me Pirates of the Caribbean vibes and OH MY GOD GIVE ME THE THING. I will admit I thought the cover was a bit cheesy at first, but it’s starting to grow on me. Release Date: February 28th


24382227Dreamland Burning – Jennifer Latham. I went into a lot of detail about all the reasons that I want to read this book in a recent Waiting on Wednesday post. Basically, this is another one of those little known aspects of American history that I don’t understand why I never learned in school and that have relevance in today’s world and I REALLY want to read this book. Release Date: February 21st.





The Education of Margot Sanchez – Lilliam Rivera. I will be completely honest – I have no idea why I want to read this book. There isn’t a particular reason that I can pick up off the top of my head. It might be my desire to read more diversely. It might be the comparison to Pretty in Pink. It might be this bit from the synopsis:

Mami, for destroying my social life
Papi, for allowing Junior to become a Neanderthal
Junior, for becoming a Neanderthal
This supermarket
Everyone else

I mean, how can you not? This sounds like it will be enlightening and entertaining and I really want to read it. Release Date: February 21st.

30269126Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza. Another example of my current sci-fi kick rearing its head again. I don’t know a whole lot about this book and, honestly, I don’t know if I want to. Every once in a while, I want to go into a book not knowing all that much. This one: Girl wants to reclaim her royal throne in space. I’m game. Release Date: February 7th




The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas. There’s a lot of buzz about this book – so much so that it already has a movie deal and it hasn’t even been released yet (which I keep forgetting and wondering why I haven’t read it yet – AKA I’m still an idiot). This an extremely topical book focusing on police bias and brutality and inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. I’m very interested in this and have been for a while and I actually can’t wait for the book to come out. Release Date: February 28th.



King’s Cage – Victoria Aveyard.  I know, I know, I still haven’t read Glass Sword. This will give me incentive to read that one so I can read this one. It never works but you can’t blame a girl for trying right? Release Date: February 7th.






The Last of August – Brittany Cavallaro. I just read the first book in this Sherlock Holmes retelling series about the original Holmes and Watson’s teenaged descendants, Charlotte and Jamie, solving cases of their own. I knew the title of the second book going into the first and now, knowing what August refers to, I am in a DESPERATE need to get my hands on this book. Like I’m reading it the minute it touches my doorstep. Plus, I kind of have a thing for Jamie Watson. I kind of love him and need more of his narration in my life. Release Date: February 14th.



Long May She Reign – Rhiannon Thomas. New high-fantasy about a girl a long, long way down the line of secession who becomes Queen after a Red Wedding/Designated Survivor like massacre. I’ve never read one of Thomas’s novels – she has a fairly popular series that’s a retelling based on Sleeping Beauty called A Wicked Thing that flew under my radar – but this standalone sounds just like my kind of book and I’m really looking forward to it. Release Date: February 21st.



Rebels Like Us – Liz Reinhardt. Another book with a timely social issue at its core – this time the issue of segregated proms in certain states. There was a documentary that came out when I was in high school called Prom Night in Mississippi about a high school holding its first ever integrated prom in the late 2000s. This was something that took me by complete surprise – that this was a thing that happened in this day and age – and as soon as I read the synopsis to this book, I knew that this was something that I needed to read. Release Date: February 28th.



The Ship Beyond Time – Heidi Heilig. ANOTHER edition in an ongoing series where I haven’t read the previous book in the duology, The Girl from Everywhere, and am preordering in hopes of pushing myself to read the first one. Will it work? We shall see. I’ve been SUPER interested in the first book in this series and just have never gotten around to reading it. It’s about time I changed that.  Release Date: February 28th.




The Valiant by Lesley Livingston. Badass heroine. Gladiators. Ancient Celts. Forbidden Romance. Literally everything that I could ever want in novel. Basically, I want the thing. Gimme the thing. Release Date: February 14th

24763621Wintersong – S.Jae-Jones. My ears heard this based to some extent on Labyrinth. My head translated that to images David Bowie in leather pants. My heart said “Buy the thing,” and proceeded to jam to Magic Dance for days on end. It’s probably not based that heavily on the film, but just the thought that there might be a reference or two is enough for me to preorder the book. Release Date: February 7th.



That’s it for me this time. What books are you looking forward to in February?


What I’m Reading – 1/30/17

I’m back with my weekly update of what’s going on in my reading life. This one is going to be short and sweet because I’ve been laid up on the couch/bed for the last four days after minor surgery and paying more attention the pain in my mouth and the protests on protests on protests here in the United States than my reading life. My bad.

What I’ve Finished


What I’m Reading
I’m technically reading Wayfarer still but I haven’t moved off page 50 and I don’t know when I will be. So there.

I am over halfway through Frostblood. I am really enjoying it and am making a definite effort to finish it today. I also dipped my toe into City of Saints and Thieves and I’m into it. Starting next week, I will have more time to read when I so choose. And I will be choosing to.

What I’m Reading Next
OOOOH BOY. I have no clue

See, I have a problem called I preordered a whole bunch of books and didn’t realized that SEVEN of these books are coming out tomorrow and I don’t know what to do with myself. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the next book I pick up was Caraval or Wires and Nerve. But I wouldn’t say no to Windwitch or Wait For Me either.

Again, basically I have no clue what I am going to read next and I kind of like it that way.

That’s all I have this time. What books have you been reading lately?

Review: A Study in Charlotte – Brittany Cavallaro

23272028Title: A Study in Charlotte (Charlotte Holmes #1)

Author: Brittany Cavallaro (twitter) (website)

Publisher//Release Date: Katherine Tegen Books// March 1, 2016

Genre: YA, Mystery, Retelling

Source: Purchased

Goodreads     Amazon     Barnes and Noble

Synopsis: The last thing Jamie Watson wants is a rugby scholarship to Sherringford, a Connecticut prep school just an hour away from his estranged father. But that’s not the only complication: Sherringford is also home to Charlotte Holmes, the famous detective’s great-great-great-granddaughter, who has inherited not only Sherlock’s genius but also his volatile temperament. From everything Jamie has heard about Charlotte, it seems safer to admire her from afar.

From the moment they meet, there’s a tense energy between them, and they seem more destined to be rivals than anything else. But when a Sherringford student dies under suspicious circumstances, ripped straight from the most terrifying of the Sherlock Holmes stories, Jamie can no longer afford to keep his distance. Jamie and Charlotte are being framed for murder, and only Charlotte can clear their names. But danger is mounting and nowhere is safe—and the only people they can trust are each other.

Rating: 4/5

I feel like I’m finally getting around to reading all these books that I wanted to read last year but never did because of….I don’t know, one dumb reason or another. And A Study in Charlotte is one of those books.

I don’t really have a specific reason why I picked this up at this specific time and place other than I needed a retelling for the Biannual Bibliothon to fill one of the challenges. But, believe me when I say that I do not regret picking this one up.

Let’s break it down:

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Waiting On Wednesday: Dreamland Burning – Jennifer Latham

Waiting On Wednesday in a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine in which we discuss an upcoming release that you’re…well…waiting on! And this seems like the perfect excuse to have mini fangirl freakouts over the books I NEED ASAP.

This week, I’m flailing over

What You Need to Know

24382227Dreamland Burning by Jennifer Latham

Published by Little Brown Books for Young Readers on February 21st, 2017

Synopsis: Some bodies won’t stay buried.
Some stories need to be told.

When seventeen-year-old Rowan Chase finds a skeleton on her family’s property, she has no idea that investigating the brutal century-old murder will lead to a summer of painful discoveries about the past… and the present.

Nearly one hundred years earlier, a misguided violent encounter propels seventeen-year-old Will Tillman into a racial firestorm. In a country rife with violence against blacks and a hometown segregated by Jim Crow, Will must make hard choices on a painful journey towards self discovery and face his inner demons in order to do what’s right the night Tulsa burns.

Through intricately interwoven alternating perspectives, Jennifer Latham’s lightning-paced page-turner brings the Tulsa race riot of 1921 to blazing life and raises important question about the complex state of US race relations – both yesterday and today.


Add on Goodreads                                          Preorder at Amazon  Barnes and Noble

Why I’m Flailing

This reminds me a great deal of another book that a read back in elementary school that I ADORED called Steal Away Home. The dual storyline and the finding of the body in the backyard are similar enough that I needed to read this. I feel like this one will give a little more adult spin on similar premises, and I feel that given the subject matter (race riots vs The Underground Railroad), this one might be a lot darker as well.

The other thing that caught my interest about this is the Tulsa Race Riots. I had no idea that this event occurred at all until I caught references to it in Front Lines when I read it last year. One quick Google search later and I’m wondering why the hell I never learned about this in school – college included! – and how can I find out more. This book came around at just the right time for me and, given the current cultural climate, probably everyone else as well.

That’s it for me. What about you? What books are you waiting on?

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Really Need to Reread


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish.

I am realllllllllly bad about rereading book I love – I usually do it via audiobook so I can take my time with it, and so that I can read other books and not feel like there’s so much else I could/should be reading. Also tend to start series and not continue with the rest of the books and I forget what happened in the first book and I don’t trust myself to remember as I read and can’t finish the series in a timely fashion because I need to reread the first book(s). You’ll see this a lot on this list.

But these are the Top Ten Books that I would really like to reread….eventually?

Let’s break it down… Continue reading

What I’m Reading 1/23/17

Hello again, interwebz! I’m back with my weekly update of my bookish life! Let’s get into it.

What I Finished
Not much. Work is still kicking my butt – but there’s an end in sight; the mandatory overtime that ruined my life is ending in a week and a half (if they extend it, I will RAGE) and I’m going to be out of work for most of that because I’m having my wisdom teeth out on Friday (I’m so happy about that. Can you tell how happy I am about that?)

But I digress.

I FINALLLY finished A Study of Charlotte literally last night. Really enjoyed it. Review should be up later this week (for realz this time). That’s it. That’s all I have.

What I’m Reading Now
I’m trying to figure out what to read next. I started Wayfarer but I don’t know if I’m feeling it ATM. I’m really unsure about my opinion on this series as a whole right now. I’m being super angsty and finding excuses about not wanting to read it right now. But I’m not going to push myself to read this. I’m only about 50 pages in so I’m going to give it some more time.

I’m also technically reading/listening to Death Masks by Jim Butcher. I was listening to the audiobook and I wasn’t feeling the audiobook deal either. But I do have the physical book now. All I would have to do is find my spot and pick up where I left off.

I’m starting to wonder if The Infernal Devices ruined my ability to read other books.

What I’m Reading Next
I’m still not too sure about Wayfarer,  like I said. So I’m thinking about other books to potentially start. Right now, it’s between either Frostblood or You Don’t Know My Name. And I’m super ashamed of the fact that I haven’t started Windwitch yet, even though its been out two weeks. But, like I said, I’m going to have some time to read when I’m in bed looking like a chipmunk.

That’s it for me today. What have you been reading lately?