Yeah, so I dropped off the face of the planet. My bad. It wasn’t on purpose. At first, at least.

It started as a combination of back to back weekends out-of-town and near constant overtime at work. And then the Pittsburgh Penguins decided to show the world how to play hockey like the awesome dudes they are. And I started feeling kinda reading slumpy.

And then my FAVORITE TV SHOW PUT ME THROUGH AN EMOTIONAL TRAUMA – my ALL TIME FAVORITE COUPLE FOREVER AND EVER AND ALWAYS (aka my babies) got married (on the show), actress that plays one half of said babies announces she’s leaving the show, followed by TWO/THIRDS OF THE OTHER REGULAR CAST MEMBERS…… and show gets renewed for another season and goes on without them.

So now I’m devastated #NotOverIt #NeverOverIt. But worse, I’m SUPER SLUMPY.

So between work, hockey and ugly crying over fairytale characters, I decided I didn’t want to blog anymore. It made reading feel like a chore and a job. I wasn’t enjoying it any more. I couldn’t put in enough time and effort into being a successful blog – because all those tips and tricks people put out tell you that consistency is key to success –  so I’m not going to bother anymore.

So I start casually reading again. I PLOWED through all the Shadowhunter books – AKA I FINISHED THE FREAKING MORTAL INSTRUMENTS WHICH I HAVE BEEN READING SINCE HIGH SCHOOL I ROCK. And then proceeded to Shadowhunter myself out and stall around page 200-ish of Lord of Shadows but that’s a story for another time.

And to top it all off, I decided to find out exactly how many unread books I own. Turns out….it’s over 250. Unread. NEVER READ. And I banned myself from buying ANY books until after Christmas. And to cope, I wrote a book review, posted it to Goodreads and Facebook. I missed writing reviews. And I want to keep writing them.

So I’m back, and for good.


There will be a lot of changes to how I blog – different formatting for reviews, focusing more on the quality of my posts and reviews than the quantity –  But I hope you guys enjoy it.  I know I am.



Catch you next time!